Well, I'm Back.

Hello again, dear friends.

Before I start, let me address the elephant in the room here. This is probably my 5th time, if not more, restarting my blog. I would totally understand if none of you would believe me when I say I'm back so I'm just going to keep writing like I am talking to myself. I mean, I do that most of the time anyway.

So, yes, I am back. Again. this blog has gone through a lifetime's worth of transformations. It started out as an online journal for me to share the things that are happening in my life. That, mind you, was during the Friendster era. What happened to Friendster anyway? Do you still have your old account? Sorry, got a little carried away. But seriously though, what happened to our Friendster profiles?

MOVING ON... After realizing that this blog was beginning to become a log of my daily activities, I had decided to remove all content to give it a fresh start. That was THE FIRST fresh start, by the way. I turned this blog into a space where I was able to take the things that I like and really tell people why those things are great things. Because, let's face it, I have impeccable taste. So I started talking about gadgets and music and everything under the sun that pleases me. And then it happened...

The "Korean Wave" swept the region. I was one of the early adopters of this new (borrowed) culture. I was listening to a lot of Korean pop music (KPOP) and watching a lot of Korean dramas. This blog was then transformed into a portal/shrine of all things Korean. I was talking about new music, new groups, scandals, you name it. I'm pretty glad that part is over now. Not saying KPOP sucks, but I think my preferences just changed as I went to college in the US.

Sometime during my American adventure, the blog went through another transformation. This time, it was back to becoming a log of my life. In my defense, I was no longer talking about each and every day like it was the shit. As I grew older, and college made me a better writer, I startded writing about my life in a more... um... deep manner? Things were more vague. Messages were more cryptic. It was basically a place for me to vent but not be too direct about it. Granted, I hadn't discovered Tumblr at this point.

My blog was left pretty empty for quite some time. I guess as things started unravelling in my life, I had fewer hours to pour into this old thing. Since my hiatus, I have been working, I left my job, came home, started and quit another job, travelled, and currently back to work.

To those who have been coming to this blog since its early days, I thank you for your patience as I stumble through my teen years trying to discover who I am. If you think I've had all my ducks in a row, you can't be more wrong. I think I've had some valuable life experiences thus far. But I am still young and I am as fickle as they come. Figuring out who I am is really going to take a whole lot more than a few years in college and dating a few hipsters.

So yes, I am back. I will not be promising you regular content as I have done in my blog's previous life cycles because there is NO WAY I am ever going to be able to promise that. What I can promise you though is that when I do write, I'll do my very best to make it an interesting one for you.

Again, to those who have been sticking around, I thank you. Please continue reading my blog. I hope that as I grow into a better person through the many lives of my blog, you could too. Read my blog. Comment on it. I want to know what you think.

To those who are new to this space, welcome. You are about to be introduced to a very fickle, emotional, stubborn person and I hope you would be a part of this journey with me.

Oh, and yes, people call me Ivan.


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